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Welcome to the Mt. Healthy Alumni Association Web site!
We are still in the process of developing the site, so check back often!
If there is something you'd like for us to include on the site, just drop us an email to our Webmaster


Saturday, April 14th from 8:00pm until 12:00 midnight
Tickets are available at:
Athletic Office - JR/SR High School
8101 Hamilton Avenue
Mt. Healthy, OH 45231
Contact Arlene Poppe, phone (513)522-9512

Here are a list of Mt. Healthy Reunions:

Russell Hinkle: A Life of Music
To order a copy of this outstanding DVD, send a $10 check or money order to:
Compass Productions
4140 Wenbrook Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45241

Postage is included in the $10!!!
All proceeds go to the Mt. Healthy Alumni Band

If you would like to order the AUDIO CD of the music, HERE is the order form!
You can go to the CD production company web site at:

Mt. Healthy Alumni Association Needs Your Help!
For the last several years, we've been holding a "Garage Sale" to help fund the Alumni Scholarships.
While the garage sales have helped, the income does not offset the $500 scholarship we've awarded to
children of Mt. Healthy graduates.  Additionally, we would like to be able to increase the amount of
each scholarship, as well as award more than one per year. 
If you have any suggestions on how we can increase our income, please contact us at:
Scholarship Ideas

Mt. Healthy Veterans
This section is dedicated to Alumni and residents of Mt. Healthy who have or are serving in the military.
Currently, there are over 1250 dedicated men and women from Mt. Healthy who have served!
To see the list of our vets, just click HERE!

Here is a link to the Mt. Healthy Veteran's Monument Web Site

Our thanks to Edward Brakmanis for his time and energy to compile this list!

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In the process of moving from the "old" Adams Road building, to the new
Hamilton Avenue building we uncovered Zem Zems from year's past. 
The Alumni Association is now selling these yearbooks for only $10 each.  Shipping is available for $15.
Some of the yearbooks are new, some are pre-owned and have been donated to the Alumni Association.  
If you are interested in buying some of these, contact Rose Kahsar or Steve Harness!
To see which years are currently available click HERE.
Keep checking back as our inventory changes frequently.
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We are now accepting orders for bricks from the Adams Road high school &
Cat's Meow wooden keepsakes from the high schools on Harrison Avenue and Adams Road.
The bricks are engraved with the dates the Adams Road building was in use and are available!
The cost is $45 per brick for local pick up.
Shipping via United States Postal Service will be available at USPS rates. ($15)
Click on the image for a larger picture!
(Click on Image for larger picture)
There are only 12 8 bricks remaining.  Once they are gone, there will be no more!!!

The Cat's Meow keepsakes have a rendition of the buildings on the front, and a biography on the back. 
Click here for larger image!
Approximately 2-3/8" High x 8"Wide
(Click on image for larger picture)
Adams Road Back Copy
Click here for larger image!
Approximately 2-3/8" High x 8"Wide
(Click on image for larger picture)

Harrison Avenue Back Copy
Cost is $15 (local pickup) and shipping available.
To order your keepsake, simply use the Order Form!
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We now have the Sign In sheets from the Open House available!
The sheets are in a PDF file, so you will need Adobe Reader to view them.
If you would like to get a copy of your classmates, drop us an email at SIGN IN and we'll email it to you. 
Please include your name, year graduated and the sign in sheet you would like to receive.
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Commemorative Bricks
The Alumni Association is offering personalized, engraved commemorative bricks.
The bricks cost $45 each and can be engraved with 3 lines, up to 14 characters per line.
The bricks are being placed in the walkway in front of the District Central Offices building at 7615 Harrison Ave.
If you would like to order one, HERE is the downloadable form with instructions.
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The Mt. Healthy Alumni Association is pleased to announce the winner of our $1000 2016 Alumni Scholarship to
Mr. Daniel Jett
Here are a few of Mr. Jett's accomplishments while attending Mt. Healthy High School:


       Was a Band Section leader

       Member of Choir where he received the Outstanding Junior of the Year

       A member of National Honor Society, serving as Treasurer

       Co-Captain of the Academic team

       Room Captain and Field Trip Leader for Upward Bound

       Member of Minorities in Math, Science and engineering, where he was a Captain and received the John Lucky Scholar Certificate of Academic Achievement

       Member of Student Government, Gentlemen’s Club and Freshman Challenge Alumni Club

       His parents were graduates of Mt. Healthy in 1985 & 1986- Terence Jett & Yvonne Watson.

The Mt. Healthy Alumni Association continues to provide scholarships for students whose parents/ guardians are graduates of Mt. Healthy.
The scholarships are mostly funded by our annual garage sale, and through donations from alumni.
If you would like to apply for a Mt. Healthy Alumni Scholarship, you can download the forms and guidelines HERE.

Donations made to the Association ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
If you would like to make a donation please contact Rose Kahsar at

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2016 Alumnus of the Year
The Mt. Healthy Alumni Association is pleased to announce
 Penny Stout Huber
  (Class of '61)
 as the recipient of the 2016 Alumnus of the Year award!

Penny Stout Huber was born and raised in Mt. Healthy, as were several past generations of her family. She attended Grace Hunt School for her elementary years and graduated from the High School, which now serves as Administration Building for the school district.


After getting  her  Bachelor  of  Education  degree  in  Special  Education  at  Miami University, she returned to teach  at  the  Hunt  and  Jane  Hoop  schools  for five years  before  returning to college to continue  her  education.

receiving her Master's Degree from the University  of  Cincinnati,  Penny spent thirty years teaching special  education  and  preschool  disability  classes  in Mt. Healthy, North College Hill, and Cincinnati  Public  Schools.  She was a member of the North College H ill School Board for fourteen years and is an active member of the Mt. Healthy Alumni Association. 

Penny has been involved with the Mt. Healthy Historical Society since its inception in 1967, and is currently serving as its president.  She works enthusiastically researching, collecting, and sharing the story of Mt. Healthy. She is often the hostess for the Mt. Healthy Historical Society Museum's monthly Sunday open houses, as
well as usually being present when the Tollhouse is open on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.  Penny attends workshops and regional meetings to stay current on effective historical society and museum practices, and serves on multiple committees on behalf of the Society. She continues  to  give  back  to  her  hometown  as she  seeks  to  preserve its  history  for future generations.

   If you would like to nominate an individual for Alumnus of the Year just click HERE to get the form!
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Mt. Healthy Alumni Band
37th Alumni Band Concert
Russell Hinkle, Conductor

Song Time
Star Spangled Banner 0:00
Mt. Healthy March 1:30
Selections from The Sound of Music 3:58
Bluebells of Scotland - Casey Garza, Solo 15:41
River of Life - Jason McElroy, Guest Conductor 23:08
Believe me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Robert Grey, Solo
On The Tramp- Steve Hoock, Solo 31:59
Kentucky 1800- Sarah Chamblim, Guest Conductor 34.22
Navy Hymn- Memorial to Alumni Who Have Passed 38:00
Mt. Healthy Alma Mater 41.55
Fite On! 42:49
The Stars & Stripes Forever 44:00

Mt. Healthy Alumni Band Concert from Steve Harness on Vimeo.

June 28, 2015


Be sure to check out the Alumni Band FACEBOOK page!

The Mt. Healthy Alumni Band is offering digitally re-mastered CDs of their albums made in
1960s-1970s.  The CDs are $14.95 each, plus shipping and handling.
To order your CDs, just drop an email to us at Steve Harness

Sounds of Mt. Healthy - 1967 Espanglish 1968 Sounds of Mt. Healthy - 1986
Sounds of Mt. Healthy - 1970 Sounds of Mt. Healthy - 1971 Europe - 1976
(click on the above album covers for a list of song titles)
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Questions about Mt. Healthy City Schools may be directed to our Web Master or to the Alumni Association!

 Education in Mt. Healthy
A history of how Mt. Healthy lead the northern hills area in educational opportunities